Abstract: Contemporary Expressions

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

About Abstract: Abstract is a new broad-concept publication that offers subscribers a range of satisfying aesthetic experiences made available through electronic media. Abstract presents an array of arts from around the world from both emerging and established contemporary artists in all media. 

What to Submit: Abstract will consider submissions of original work in fiction, creative nonfiction essay or memoir, poetry, and short drama as well as submissions of prose, poetry, and drama as audio or video files. Abstract will consider all styles and genres of fine art, including all styles and genres of contemporary music. Abstract will consider modeling portfolios. Abstract will consider work previously published in small-circulation journals, websites, or blogs with credit to first publishers. Abstract will also consider queries for appropriate academic articles, craft essays, book reviews, art/gallery reviews, music reviews, arts collaborations, and interviews with artists, models, musicians, photographers, poets, videographers, writers, and others.  

How to Submit: Abstract will accept submissions only through an electronic Submissions Manager. Send submissions for the following categories: Poetry, all styles and genres; Prose submissions up to 1000 words; Prose submissions of 1001 to 15,000 words; Short Dramas for page and stage; Fine Art Images; Photography Folio, Photographic Essay, Haiga; Modeling Portfolio; Contemporary Music; or send an entry to any specific Contest. Submissions must be in one of the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .odf, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, and .flv.

Technical Difficulties: In the event of technical difficulties with submissions, Contact Abstract Tech.

Cover Letters: Submitters should include a short cover letter that references the submitter’s background, experience, artistic influences, and major publications and awards.

Submissions Formatting: All submissions (including captions for images) should be set in 12-point Garamond type and should be formatted with one-inch margins and sequentially numbered pages (page numbers to appear as footers). Fiction and nonfiction should be double-spaced. Poetry should be single-spaced. The submitter’s name, address, telephone number, and email address should appear at the top of the first page. Subsequent pages should use the author’s name and email address as a header. Submitters should include third-person biographical notes (up to 50 words) for publication in the “Artists Index”. Submissions must be in one of the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .odf, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, and .flv.

Reading Periods:  Submissions may be sent at any time, year-round.

Simultaneous Submissions: Abstract accepts simultaneous submissions. Submitters should  immediately notify Abstract through the Activity feature of the submission system if work under consideration by Abstract is accepted elsewhere.

Rights and Permissions: Following publication, all rights revert to the artist. In the event new work(s) published by Abstract are reprinted, Abstract asks to be credited as the site wherein the work first appeared. 

Response Times: Response times vary from one to twelve weeks.

Submissions Fees: Abstract requires no submission fees at this time. Abstract is a magazine with the ambition of popularizing good literary and artistic work. Abstract desires to connect our audience members to our artists. Abstract is committed to publishing debut and emerging writers and artists as well as those already established.

Payments to submitters: Abstract is strongly committed to promoting our artists' works and maintains a varied, sustained, and powerful social media program to serve that end. At present, Abstract offers no payment to contributors.